Security Guard Training Program

When the guard is inducted in the business a comprehensive Training is given to him in two parts according to the ‘Security Guard Training Program’ developed by Zia-Ul-Islam especially for the Security Guards in Pakistan.


This is a 3 days course conducted with coordination of the Operations Team. The following syllabus is covered:-

1. Role of a Security Guard:
Covers the general duties and responsibilities of a security guard, the difference between Police and security guards, how to act in time of an emergency or crisis, the importance of protecting people, property and information, how to patrol and how to handle a weapon.

2. Professionalism and Personal Presentation:
Covers how to present a professional appearance to the public, to use general principles of good public relations, use of effective interviewing skills, dealing with difficult or angry people, understanding crowds and how they are controlled, dealing with media and developing the ‘observation skills’ of a professional security guard.

3. Response to Immediate Crisis:
Covers information about and how to deal with situations relating to: fire safety, bomb threats, evacuation, terrorism and dacoities.


This is also a 3 days Course conducted by the Operations Manager and Weapon Instructor. The Security Guard is taught the basic knowledge of different types to weapons and detailed practical instructions for handling a firearm, cleaning, safety and aspects of its usage. Once the Guard is completely confident and capable of using a firearm he is taken to ‘All Pakistan Security Agencies Association’s (APSAA) state of art shooting range, where the guard is trained by APSAA’s Chief weapon Instructor and practices shooting firearm at targets. APSAA also conduct specialized courses throughout the year, such as firefighting, first-aid, security supervisor, etc, in which encourage our guards to participate.

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