Special Events & Conference Security

Information for today's Event Planners

Today, security services are a vital component for all high profile figures and families and prestigious societal and business affairs. Zia-Ul-Islam Security is proud to provide special security services specifically designed to supply effective, professional security for special events. Our services include protection for private clients, executive protection and VIPs protection, as well as security services for both businesses and organizations. Our event safety & conference security service is constructed upon International Security methodology: crowd profiling and physical security management is implemented to ensure maximum security measures are enforced. We believe that extensive planning, effective communication, and tactful responses to security issues are a prerequisite when it comes to professional security measure implementation.

Zia-UL-Islam Security is an outstanding choice for:

 Black-tie Affairs
 Business Gatherings
 Charity Events
 Conferences
 Conventions
 Executive Protection
 Private Parties
 Red-Carpet Events
 Special Events
 VIP Protection

Our Onsite Service Capabilities Include:

 On site Project Security Director
 Premium Security Agents
 Unarmed Guards: Veterans of the Pakistan Special Forces
 Armed Guards
 Armed Body Guards
 Gateway style or portable metal detectors
 Black tie attire.
 Business attire.
 Lethal and non-lethal weapons.
 Radio communications between security guards

Premium and Commercial Security Guards
Body Guards & Executive Protection Services
Special Events & Conference Security
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Security Consulting Planning & Risk Analysis